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HeIs smallHe Is Our Song

Susan has brought guitar, strings, harmonica, piano and many other instruments to life on these 4 CD's of accompaniment music. All 156 songs.

Scroll down for samples.

PRICE, $49.95 for the 4 disc set. plus shipping.
EVERY SONG very singable, with great words, and nice tunes... in short... A great little songbook for all ages.
This upbeat little songbook with contemporary Christian songs and some oldies will chear your heart as you worship our God.

* Melody much louder on right channel

* Accompaniment mainly on the left channel so you can use it as an sing-a-long "track".

We love every hymn in this hymnal.
We think you will love this Hymnal and this accompaniment music.

Songbooks available at your local ABC.

for shipping within the U.S.

Remember, samples are of much lesser quality music. There is NO "tape hiss" sound on the CD's.

10 I'm Gonna Sing (364 kb)
11 Now Let Us Sing (148 kb)
58 When I Remember(462 kb)
79 Got A Reason For Livin' Again (184 kb)
146 I Have Decided To Follow Jesus (305 kb)
150 Follow Jesus (212kb)
151 I Want To Be Ready (433kb) Presented here with a higher resolution.

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All songs are played through the number of times they appear in the song book and all include a nice introduction.

The Complete list of Songs in "He Is Our Song" songbook. PDF file


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Susan L. Maehre